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How ‘drama queen’ Zari stole the show during Miss Uganda beauty pageant – VIDEO

There was drama at the Miss Uganda beauty pageant after socialite Zari Hassan treated the audience to a ‘small drama’ on stage when she was called upon to announce the winner.

It all started when the one of the hosts of the event invited Zari on stage to announce the winner of the beauty pageant.

Fabiola, the host, asked Zari to open the envelope containing the name of the winner.

But instead Zari seized the moment to create a little scene by demanding that Fabiola opens the envelope for her.

This is how part of their conversation went:

Fabiola: We have our top three right here in this envelope… Mama are you going to do us the honours.

Zari: Girl, you were supposed to do the admin work here (she hands Fabiola the white envelope)… get it out.

Fabiola: No! Enough.

Zari then went ahead to brush off the moment with a cheeky smile and proceeded to announce the winner.

But not before she reprimanded Fabiola.

Zari later explained her actions, saying it was her way of testing how the show host would react.

Zari was among the judges of Miss Uganda beauty pageant, whose winner will get a chance to represent the country at the Miss World beauty competition.