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How drug trafficker’s ingenious prison break attempt flopped – VIDEO

By Amina Wako August 5th, 2019 1 min read

A Brazilian drug trafficker was on Saturday caught while trying to escape from prison disguised as his teenage daughter.

Clauvino da Silva ‘Shorty’ attempted to sneak out of one the country’s toughest prison dressed in his daughter’s clothes, with a silicon girl’s mask, bra, long dark haired wig and skin-tight t-shirt emblazoned with three pink donuts.

Clauvino tried convincing the guards manning the gate that he was his 19-year-old daughter heading home after visiting hours.


According to a police officer, Clauvino’s nervousness gave him away when he approached the officer to return his daughter’s ID.

The officers noticed something was wrong and asked him to strip in front of cameras.

Claivino is serving a 73-year jail term for his involvement with the Red Command drug faction.

In 2015, Mexico’s the drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán escaped from jail through a mile-long tunnel, a multi-million dollar bribe and on a private plane which was waiting for him.