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How ex-Raila aide Silas Jakakimba helped Jalang’o win the Langata seat

Lang’ata MP Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o could have not been elected in the 2022 polls were it not for the friendship he has with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s aide Silas Jakakimba.

The MP said his victory in the 2022 election was partly because he got support from Mr Jakakimba.

Both have been long-term friends and had the same political ambition ahead of the last election.

Mr Jakakimba and Mr Odiwuor were both eyeing the parliamentary seat in Lang’ata.

But only one of them could win.

According to Jalang’o, his friend had a higher chance of winning the seat because of his political position at the time.

“He could brag to me that he would win the seat because he was closer to Baba (Mr Odinga). He would accompany Baba to different places,” the MP said.

During their friendly conversation, Mr Jakakimba would tell the legislator that he had higher chances of being given direct nomination by the ODM party for the parliamentary seat.

But since they are friends, neither could fight the other.

One had to voluntarily step down.

Jalango said Mr Jakakimba stepped down to favour him.

According to the MP, his friend approached him and said he would withdraw from the race and support his bid.

“You did not only step down but also supported me financially during campaigns,” the legislator said when he visited Mr Jakakimba in Mfangano Island in Homa Bay County on Friday.

Mr Odiwuor accompanied other MPs and heads of different government agencies to Kakimba Secondary school where there was a funds drive to aid school development.

The MP said Mr Jakakimba could have defeated him if he had vied for the parliamentary seat.

“I have come to say thank you for the support you accorded me. It is a fact that you were able to win the seat but you stepped down to support me,” Mr Odiwuor said.

Mr Jakakimba said he currently supports President William Ruto.

“You all know that we have political interests. I support President Ruto unconditionally,” he said.

The former prime minister’s aide previously worked as a political advisor to Governor Gladys Wanga before he resigned to pursue other interests.

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