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How ex took everything from me in pre-nup deal – Nairofey

Famous YouTube couple Nairofey and Yeforian have left their fans devastated after the former laid bare the truth behind their marriage leading up to their alleged break up.

The two lovebirds unfollowed each other on social media and started sharing cryptic messages, throwing shade at each other.

Nairofey and Yeforian married in August 2022, a day after Nairofey’s 24th birthday, in an invite-only ceremony, and even those attendance were less than five people.

This was later followed by an announcement by Nairofey that she was relocating to Russia to live with her husband, which due to unavoidable circumstances at the time, did not happen. 

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Youtuber Nairofey. PHOTO| COURTESY

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Their nasty break-up saw them wash their dirty linen in public, with Nairofey accusing her now estranged husband of hacking her Gmail accounts and taking over her YouTube account. 

Yeforian claimed he was the one who changed the YouTuber, accusing her of cheating on him with multiple partners including women. Nairofey went on a rant on social media, claiming all the gifts she used to flaunt ‘from her man’ was her doing as she was the one buying them for herself.

The content creator went on to reveal that she is the one who bought herself the expensive car she recently flaunted on her Instagram page. 

 “The fact that I would buy myself things and pose like he bought them to protect his ego is the dumbest thing I ever did,” she said. 

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The 24-year-old also claimed her man lied about his job; she used to think he worked for the United Nations. She also claimed the man forced her to sign a prenup. 

“He tricked me, took me to Westland lying it was a lunch date only to end up in an office and made me sign prenup saying he would be taking half of the income made by the brand Nairofey even after separation. I was a project to this man,” she said. 

Nairofey accused her ex of manipulating her and squandering half of her savings, claiming after she bought herself a car, he forced her to include his name as well. 

Yeforian has since deleted all the posts on his Instagram account and started his own YouTube channel. 

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