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How love con defrauded Safaricom’s ‘Queen of Facebook’

The 2010 Safaricom Faceoff’s “Queen of Facebook”, Shiro Waruinge, caused a storm on Twitter Monday when she exposed toe-curling details of her tribulations in the hands of a love con.

Ms Waruinge said she is hurting revealing the details of the man who conned her of Sh15,000 pretending that he was desperate to find Sh48,000 for school fees.

It all started with direct messages with the unidentified man she thought was her prince.

“Days turned into weeks, months as I continued to be coaxed by his charm and sleek tongue,” she tweeted. “Then one day we decided to meet for drinks since I only knew him through twitter… He looked okay to me… But I realized something. He was shy and quiet in person. Unlike him on twitter all rowdy & loud etc.”


The second date was at KFC on Kimathi Street where he dropped the bombshell: “He told me he had a school fees balance of 48,700 Kshs and wanted me to help him with that amount. *faints*”

Amazingly, she accepted to bail him out, she says. Genuinely.

Ms Waruinge, who then worked at Serena with a take home of Sh35,000, gave the man Sh15,000 offering to find the rest “soon”.

“Anyway,,, So i hustled for the remaining cash. I hosted karaoke night for two nights, I club hosted at Tribeka then earned the balance,” she tweeted.

But when she called him to come collect the balance at Club Tribeka, he instead asked her to go to his place in Kahawa Sukari, feigning boredom.

Excited, she went. They drank Fanta Orange and watched a movie on his laptop before things got heated up and the couple started kissing.

The make out session was, however, interrupted by a call to Ms Waruinge’s phone. It was her mum.


After finishing talking, the man asked her what she would eat. Pork, she responded. The man left and came back with pork and third-rate Kibao vodka. But he left his phone and she decided to snoop.

“I saw an interesting thread from a female famous tweep in MKU. What I read broke my heart into tiny bits, *puts hands on head*. This chick let’s call her “Jane doe” was John does girlfriend.She needed money cause she was moving out as she had gotten a job at KCB,” she adds.

“So this f***** wanted me to give him cash to help his dark skinned fat ass girlfriend move out??!! Oh you messed with the wrong butch boo.”

After crying and slapping him, she ran off to the stage, telling the man to keep the Sh15,000. He begged her not to take the story to Twitter. Ms Waruinge says she ended up in Kiamumbi after boarding the wrong matatu in the confusion.

“Until last week when a close female pal of mine came to me with the same story. But this time it wasn’t school fees, It was eye surgery :/” she said.