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How giving financial allowances can fuel your romantic relationship’s bliss

By Winnie Mabel October 30th, 2023 2 min read

The trending conversation today is how romantic partners- mostly men- give their women financial allowances every month. This was sparked by comedian Flaqo and his girlfriend, Keranta, after she uploaded a screenshot of a mobile money transaction showing she had received tens of thousands for the month. Social media then became awash with similar messages of women showing how they received thousands from their partners simply because they were their lovers.

While many might argue that the relationship might turn transactional and a person can stay in the relationship for the money instead of love, we’re here to tell you that these allowances can fuel your romantic relationships to experience great bliss. How you ask?

  1. Dishing out money to a partner can be considered a love language. A receiving partner will view this as an expression of love and care and in turn, the receiver will decide to 100% commit themselves to their lovers and ensuring their holistic happiness and well-being.
  2. Giving a lover money will see to it that a partner has reduced financial stress in their life. The receiver will be able to focus on their well-being and the well-being of the relationship without worrying about basic needs, life’s financial demands and future savings.
  3. Money is one of the biggest reasons couples in romantic relationships fight. If one partner earns more than the other but there is no balance in expenditure on household, it becomes an issue. But if a man choses to give his woman a monthly allowance, it will reduce the conflicts in their relationship and balance the financial contribution in the relationship, leading to a more harmonious relationship and both partners feeling valued and equal in the relationship.
  4. If a man gives his woman money, then there are finances all around for them to spend quality time together without financial worries. A receiver may decide to spend their allowance on their partner for that month and this will lead to more meaningful and enjoyable experiences for both partners. Can someone spell bliss please?
  5. Giving an allowance means a partner believes in the goals and aspirations of his partner, no questions asked. This means a receiver will be able to pursue their personal goals be it in education, lifestyle or entrepreneurship. When such a person finds that they can see to their personal growth and fulfillment in life, then their affection, attachment and love for their partner increases to new levels.

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