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How hairstyle swap helped Lupita evade media attention at wedding

Oscar award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o over the weekend swapped hairstyles with her elder sister Zawadi, sending bloggers and online audiences into a mix-up.

Zawadi was severally captioned by blogs as Lupita at their sister Esperanza’s wedding after she had spotted the Oscar winner’s signature bob-hairstyle.

Lupita on the other hand had spotted corn rows that made her look completely different.

Since the Nyong’o sisters have similar physic and skin tones, many were in confusion when the wedding’s accredited professional photographer Mwaniki Will shared a photo of the bridal team.

The bridal team at Esperanza's wedding. PHOTO COURTESY
The bridal team at Esperanza’s wedding. Lupita Nyong’o is on the left while Zawadi Nyong’o is third right. PHOTO COURTESY

Users were unable to tell the difference and many settled for the one spotting the distinctive hairstyle that Lupita is known for.

The two sisters were part of Esperanza’s bridal team, along with their brother Peter Nyong’o Junior.

During the wedding, phones of Great Rift Valley Lodge employees were confiscated to ensure no one leaked photos of the card-invite only affair.

Only the official wedding photographer contracted by the couple took photos, and even before he shared them on social media, he first sought their permission.

The fuchsia-themed wedding between Esperanza and Tanzanian Dadi Masesa was attended by a couple of politicians.

Peter Nyong’o junior shared a selfie he took with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on his Instagram page.