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How hoax on Eritrean new polygamy law made us all laugh

Rumours of new a law in Eritrea that banned monogamy left many in stitches over the possible exodus bachelors to the horn of Africa country.

The rumours were sparked  by an article on a Somali website, Diplomat News Network, that published a memo reportedly from the Eritrean government that ordered all men to embrace polygamy or risk imprisonment.

According to the article, the decision was made due to a shortage of men in the country in the wake of war.

The memo reportedly gave an assurance that all the wedding and housing expenses would be paid by the state.

The punishment for not embracing polygamy, according to the memo, would be life imprisonment with hard labour.

Kenyans on social media platforms went on the overdrive. The Eritrea hashtag trended, as memes portraying hordes of Kenyan men relocating to Eritrea emerged.


Singer Akothee Akothee posted a photo of herself stashing some clothes in a bag with the caption; “Off to Eritrea, all of us wants to get married, no more side chicking and chips fungaring us in 2016.”

Nairobi women did not take the hoax kindly however. Facebook user Eng Muthoni Wachira posted; “It is not funny.

Rodah Rods Liavuli wrote, “Polygamy! Kenyan ladies don’t put up with such shit heri ukuwe single.”

‏@kabaleh said; “Kwa wale wanaenda Eritrea can they do so every year we have wilderbeasts migrating bt hazitusumbuangi.”

@ShaffieWeru said; “Kenyan chics hav entered panic mode after hearing #TeamMafisi planned exodus.”

Eritreans on social media,  responding to the frenzy, denied the allegations claiming that such a law would go against the newly constituted penal code in the country that bans polygamy.

Eritrean blogger Filmon Zerai @Eritrea struggle tweeted; “Ridiculous tabloid rumours on #Eritrea wives has gone viral in Africa. Polygamy is illegal but welcome those who want to visit.”