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How I missed an opportunity to perform for Uhuru – Embarambamba

By Grace Kerongo October 20th, 2022 3 min read

Popular Kisii musician Chris Embarambamba has spoken out about the missed opportunity to showcase his skills at a performance before former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

At the time, Uhuru was on a tour of Nyanza, and he was to grace the Mashujaa Day celebrations at Gusii Stadium. 

And Embarambamba, 34, one of the area’s top stars, was proposed to perform.

But that was not to be.

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Missed the opportunity to meet Uhuru

Speaking about the missed opportunity, Embarambamba took to TikTok Live, where he narrated the drama.

“People think I’m mad or they think I drink alcohol and I’m crazy,” he explained, addressing his music videos where he rolls in muddy puddles dressed in snow white suit and jumps on trees hanging precariously from the branches.

Other times he is filmed jumping on revellers’ backs as he performs.

Embarambamba continued, “I keep doing shocking stuff because it gets people talking, and it is memorable.

If you look at today’s songs, the memorable ones are the unique ones; as an artist, I draw you in based on my antiques, and then once you are in, you now have to listen keenly to my music and the message to understand what I am all about.”

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♬ original sound – maskinijeuri5

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Embarambamba received a lot of backlash, but the one that caught his attention was a man of God who dismissed him, branding him unprintable names.

Since this is a PG-rated outlet, we cannot reprint the name, but it is one of those nasty yo mama disses.

Not downcast, Embarambaba took the name and used it in his latest music release. 

“I used those same insults to title my song, so this song was my way of advising people not to judge others. They do not know what their relationship with God is.

Do not stand on a pedestal and look down on someone and insult them because you do not know them, and only God knows the inside of any human and what lies in their heart.

The gospel singer continued, “One of the reasons why in the past year I missed an opportunity to perform for the former President is people judging me before they know me. The truth is, they messed that up for me, and they do not even really know me.”



♬ original sound – maskinijeuri5


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Scar on head

Embaramba spots a scar on the right side of his head that runs up to the base of the neck. 

He explained that he was in a motorcycle accident, and his injuries were so bad the doctors were planning even to gouge out his right eye.

But when they did a scan, they realised that the injuries did not affect his eye, so they just treated the rest of his head.  

Chris Embarambamba and his famous stunts
Chris Embarambamba and his famous stunts

Collabo with Harmonize

His jaw-dropping stage antiques impressed Tanzanian bongo flava star Harmonize, who sought to record a collabo with him. 

“At the time, I did not have a manager thus they was no communication that was had between us and Harmonize, who later left and went back to Tanzania.”

The Konde Gang CEO looked for Embarambamba to actualise the music project, but because he did not have a management team, the negotiations hit a snug. 

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“It was important for me to have a manager. The work of the manager was to agree on how the collabo was to be like and how I’d like for it to sound. Yes, I had plans to do a collabo with Harmonize, but I did not have proper management in place.”

Speaking about his new music videos, Embarambamba explained, “The reason why I have not shot many videos of late it’s that I’m in Nairobi, and Nairobi has a lot of dust.

It is not like Kisii where there’s rain and mud also, and I wanted to unleash a song that will be epic and memorable.”

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