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How jilted husband used unusual means to bust his cheating wife

A man who was suspecting his wife of being unfaithful to him has shocked the world with details of the unusual means he employed to expose his cheating spouse.

John Consiglio, who has since filed for divorce, used a drone to follow his wife Donna on her walk to work. The drone captures his wife walking from their home but instead of taking her usual route she detours on another route.

Along the way she stops to undo her hair before she is met with a person in a black SUV. She is then seen leaning in on the driver’s side window before entering the car which immediately drives off.

The video which has been uploaded on YouTube shows the jilted husband speaking to viewers through the sequence of events. The clip has been viewed more than 3 million times.

Speaking to MailOnline, Mr Consiglio admitted his initial anger was targeted at the unknown man, saying he thought he was going to kill him for ruining his life.


The photographer from a town in North Pennsylvania said: “That day I didn’t want to know the details. But I was angry at him for some reason.  I know he’s not the main person to blame in this situation, but I thought at that point I was going to kill him. He was the one who had ruined my life and I was going to kill him.”

“I let myself cool down for a couple of days and I didn’t even show her for two days. And after that initial anger, I was devastated.  Now that’s moved into a real state of emptiness and a worry for my children,” he adds.

Mr Consiglio, a photographer, said he is continuing with his plans to divorce. Mr Consiglio, who has two teenage children, said he had become suspicious when he was told twice his wife was at the bagel store with a man when she was meant to be elsewhere.

“I tried to follow her on foot a couple of times, but she saw me the one time and she went straight to work having probably seen me the second time. It was almost as if she wanted to get caught – it’s a small town of 5,000 people, what did she think was going to happen?

“So I got the drone out before she left and kept it 400ft in the air and 100ft away from her and she didn’t notice it. She only took this job six months ago and I didn’t think she had any spare time, but apparently she made the time,” he says.