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How Joho is spending his time as Baba fights court battle

As his party leader is fighting to have the presidential elections nullified and also spearheading Azimio la Umoja campaigns in Mombasa for the delay gubernatorial election, Mombasa governor Hassan Joho is busy “spending” his time with nature.

A quick spot check on Joho’s social media platforms reveals a calm, laidback Joho enjoying the peace and serenity of the ocean.

The first photo he posted five days ago captures him seated a balcony overlooking the ocean. Another photo posted three days later captures Joho in a black t-shirt and white shorts standing on a boat.

The two photos are the only things he has posted after the highly contested election that saw his party leader Raila Odinga losing to his opponent deputy president William Ruto. Joho was in the frontline during Mr Odinga’s campaign trail.

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According to media reports Joho, whose two-term tenure as Mombasa governor has elapsed, was earmarked for the Lands Cabinet Secretary position under the Odinga government.

But his loud silence, detachment from his party’s current issues and what has been interpreted as lack of interest by Kenyans is what is puzzling netizens.

“So baba was deceived that he has foot soldiers! Saai analilia chooni!” shemawamboko said.

“Life is good post politics,” jacjewel wrote.

“Sasa hawa ndoo walikuwa agent ya Baba,” oriwa_ochuka said.

“Joho unakula starehe na wenzako tuko Supreme Court tunashughulikia hii maneno wacha mambo yako Boss,” leonardnashon2018 said.

“Mambo ya 0.01% yalipofika ukaona opaqueness ukarudi bahari,” bazenge_jr said.