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How Kamene Goro was conned on Instagram

Media personality Kamene Goro has shared how she got conned a whopping Sh18,000 by an online store over the weekend.

Speaking during her morning show on Kiss FM, the radio queen shared her inconsolable experience getting conned, in a segment where she asked her listeners to share their experiences getting conned.

“Wasee jana tulioshwa a strong 18 thousand bob, I’ve never felt like that I feel like someone kicked me in the stomach hata siamini, but then again it’s just another day in life where people get conned all the time. I for one will never forget this particular one,” Kamene lamented.

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Boychild listen here!!!! #KameneAndObinna

♬ original sound – Kamene Goro

The celebrated presenter went on to narrate that she had intended to buy herself a play station that she had been looking for, at which point she stumbled upon an online store that offered a price range that was simply too good to be true.

“It was such a deal, the amount of money, two pads, and 3 games,” Kamene said.

“Like any other ‘proper/cool deal, the store also offered to do a quick delivery as well,” she added.

She went on to narrate how the online store had asked her to make a deposit of Sh18,000 before the delivery which she and her disk jockey boyfriend, Dj Bonez did.

After two hours, the delivery was yet to arrive and she grew impatient and decided to call the store.

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The presenter narrated that she made many calls to the store after over 4 hours, but instead she was blocked from contacting the store.

“After over 4 hours I called the guy that was to deliver on my personal number, and when he answered he told me that he was going to the shop to pick it up.

I told him fine but asked him not to hang up since I had enough credit to keep him on call. After a short while he hang up, and when I called back, I had already been blocked,” she said.

The sassy radio presenter added that she even went back to search for their social media pages but realized she had also been blocked online.

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