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How Karauri’s perception changed after his expensive chain was stolen on the campaign trail

Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri won the parliamentary elections to be the MP-elect for the Kasarani constituency.

Running as an independent candidate and being a first-time candidate, gave Karauri a new outlook on what the campaign trail is like.

Lola Okulo, his Campaign Head of Communication and Branding revealed all this in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

“The biggest challenge he faced was the majority of youth were feeling dejected and showing signs of voter apathy,” Okulo said.

“Second, was that as an independent candidate most people said Nairobi never elects anyone outside major political parties.

He has made history as the first-ever independent MP to be elected in the capital city Nairobi,” she stated.

Asked what the most memorable moment was when Karauri was on the campaign trail, Okulo explained, “The memorable moment was when his chain was stolen in ChemiChemi Njiru.”

She continued, “That’s when he came face to face with the realities of joblessness among the youth.

In return, he went to Njiru severally during his campaign to show them love even after losing his chain, saying the youth was not to blame but rather lack of opportunities was.”

Okulo states that the MP-elect will work at “improving infrastructures such as roads, access to piped and clean water and installation of street lighting to boost security and create a conducive business environment for the creation of job opportunities.”

She added, “Improving the working environment of garbage collection points – a big employment activity in Njiru and Ruai areas – through issuing proper equipment and waste management systems.”

Karauri has promised his constituents a major bash, soon.

During his victory speech, Karauri said, “It is a new path for me I know why I came into this scene and I know I will do what I said I will do and I promise that we will work together.”

Check out this video of Karauri with his campaign manager, DJ Stylez, celebrating after he received his certificate from IEBC on August 11, 2022.