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How Kenyan Facebook users can monetise their content

Facebook has announced the plans to roll out monetisation in the country following the meeting with President William Ruto on Monday, March 18, at State House.

Sir Nick Clegg, who is the Facebook president of global affairs said, “You have been pressing me and pressing Meta to ensure that all of that creativity, whether it’s the jokes, whether it’s the visual content, the audio content, the dizzying array of creative content that is being produced here in Kenya by online creators is monetised.”

He added, “I’m delighted to be able to confirm that it will now be available in Kenya to all creators and will be rolled out very soon in the weeks to come, certainly not later than early summer (June),” Sir Clegg said.

This will be available in terms of in-stream ads on Facebook, ads in Reels, Instagram, and Gifts.

Sir Clegg added that the humour that Kenyans have, and the creativity using the English language will be able to see Kenyans making a living once monetisation is rolled out.

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According to Moon Baz, who is the Creator Partnerships Lead, Middle East, Africa and Turkey at Meta, those who will be eligible must be 18 years and above, have at least five active videos on their Facebook page, have collected more than 60,000 minutes of views in the last 60 days.

“It is very important to pass our eligibility criteria in terms of monetisation policies and community standards, these are policies and rules that refer to authentic behaviour, safety, and intellectual property,” Ms Moon said.

In his reaction, President Ruto said that the country is eagerly waiting for the move to start and that taxes must be paid even as Meta plans to roll out monetization.

He said that monetisation exercise will also be available on Mpesa, hence enabling more Kenyans to transact through the accessible method.

“We are working with Meta to make it much easier for our MSMEs to understand how they can do their business, to understand how they can do business, how they can conduct their enterprises in the digital space,” Ruto said.