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How Kibaki partied the whole night and lectured the in the morning

Ambassador Solomon Karanja, the late president Mwai Kibaki’s personal buddy, has recalled their drinking escapades when he served as a lecturer at Makerere University.

Amb Karanja who met President Kibaki when he was a freshman, also light up thei audience by revealing the ladies the duo for a while became their wives.

Terming the late Kibaki as a kind man, Amb Karanja narrated how Kibaki would help them visit night clubs and get back to the hostels without being ‘caught.’

“I remember when we were students, he had a little Volkswagen and occasionally when we wanted to go to Kamulus (Kamulus was a night club) that was frequented by university students and these students had to be back in their rooms by midnight. Now if you are lucky enough to be close to Mwai, a resident tutor, you could get a ride to go to Kamulus and come back, go through his garage and escape the idea of being booked and not allowed to go out.”

Adding that he was astonished by Kibaki’s ability to get to the lecture hall the next day as early as 8 and deliver, Amb Karanja narrated, “If we went out in his Volkswagen and come back slightly after 1 o’clock, he (Kibaki) was able to go and deliver a beautiful and well attended lecture at 8 o’clock in the morning.”

“Of course after the visitation to Kamulus I would be fast asleep. I asked him his secret and he told me the secret was not to go to bed after we have come back late but to do so after you have done your job.