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How Kibaki refused to have Thika superhighway named after him

Kalonzo Musyoka says the late former president Kibaki turned down the opportunity to have the Thika Super Highway named after him.

Kalonzo, who served as Kibaki’s vice-president between 2007 and 2013, made the revelation during an interview with Citizen TV where he also paid his tribute.

“I was privileged to serve him as vice president and tenth vice president and I found mzee Kibaki a phenomenal personality,” said Kalonzo.

“You will not go to mzee Kibaki with rumours he will look at you and call you pumbavu sana (that’s stupid).”

“And I think that is a high academic calling in him great minds don’t discuss people they discuss ideas,”

Kalonzo who is seeking to make a comeback as Deputy President under a possible Raila Odinga government in September 2022 recalled how together with the then head of Public Service, Ambassador Muthaura, tried to convince Mzee Kibaki to accept the Thika superhighway is named Kibaki superhighway.

“We went and had a cup of tea with Mzee Kibaki at his Harambee house office and at the opportune time he said, ‘vice president na huko hii barabara inaenda hakuna jina’ (vice president wherever this road leads to, isnt there a name?) and that was the end of the discussion, up to today. So the road is now named Thika super highway. That is a servant leader, you put service beyond self.”

Kibaki is remembered for economic stewardship and growth of the country.

He introduced free primary education, built a couple of impressive infrastructure including the 12-lane thika superhighway which is 50km that links Kenya’s capital Nairobi to the industrial town of Thika among other.

The toll free road that was completed in 2012 was built at a cost of Sh32 billion by the Chinese and has eased traffic to and from Nairobi.

The late Kibaki’s death was announced last week Friday by President Uhuru Kenyatta and would be buried on Saturday April 30th at his Othaya home in Nyeri County.