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How ‘kind police officers’ robbed man then handed him fare to get home safely

Detectives have launched investigation into an incident in which a man was robbed by police officers on Wednesday afternoon in Nairobi.

The victim claims he was waiting to board a matatu to Kimende when three men in police uniform arrested him in River Road.

The three told him they were police officers and that he was under arrest for illegal possession of bhang before they handcuffed him. They then inserted rolls of bhang into his pockets and led him away.

The victim reported at Lari Police Station that the said officers later asked for a bribe of Sh20,000 in exchange for his release even after he denied committing the said offence.

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“They ransacked my pockets and took Sh2,000 that I had before forcing me to go and withdraw the Sh6,000 that was in my mobile wallet,” the victim said in his report.

The withdrawal was done by an agent he can identify in the area. The three men then handed him Sh500 for his fare home. He reported the matter at Lari Police Station but was referred to Nairobi where the incident happened. Police said they are investigating the incident.

In another incident, traders in Kiaragana shopping Centre in Ndia, Kirinyaga County are still coming to terms after four masked armed gangsters stormed the area on Thursday night and stole good valued at Sh200,000 before fleeing on foot.

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One of the victims told the police that at first he thought they were plain clothes police officers because they were armed with AK47 rifles but then they attacked him while demanding money. He said it was the second time that he has been robbed.

Another victim recounted how the gangsters ordered them to lie down before ransacking the shop. He and other traders managed to escape a local bar where they raised an alarm before police officers from Baricho, Kibirigwi and Kabonge arrived.

Area residents said the gangsters shot in the air as they fled. Detectives from Ndia sub-county said they have launched investigation into the incident.

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