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How KK security guard wanted for Sh25m theft was arrested

A KK Security Group worker suspected of stealing Sh25 million was arrested at a nightclub in Rodi Kopany, Homa Bay County, where he intended to spend the evening.

Mr Handson Nyasaka, a male friend and two women had booked two rooms at a hotel, about 13 kilometres from Homa Bay Town and were just getting into the club when police officers arrived.

It took the detectives close to two weeks to track Mr Nyasaka down after he discarded his mobile phone line and acquired another.

Police say Mr Nyasaka collected $50,000, 98,500 Euros and 90,000 Swiss Francs from Nyali on August 11 and was escorted by armed officers to Moi International Airport, Mombasa.

They did not accompany him on the flight since he was to be picked up by colleagues and police officers at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi.

Investigations showed that before he left Mombasa, Mr Nyasaka called his former colleague at KK Security, Mr Zablon O’enga, and told him to pick him up from the airport at 7.30am.

However, his office had arranged for him to be picked up at 9.30am.


When Mr Nyasaka landed, he was received by his friend and switched off his phone then travelled to Kisii the following day.

He told the family that he was going back to Mombasa but went to Homa Bay, then Rodi Kopany.
Traditional medicine

Detectives visited Mr Nyasaka’s home in Kisii and found his mother with the phone. The officers were sure the elderly woman was not aware of what was going on.

Mr Nyasaka left his new phone contacts with his father. About three days later, Mr Mung’aro Charo, commonly referred to as “Mganga” left Mombasa for Kisii to visit the suspect’s father to deliver some herbs. The old man gave Mr Mung’aro his son’s phone number.

The phone data showed that Mr Mung’aro was always calling a new number. Mr Mung’aro was arrested and his phone seized. It was then established that the contact belonged to the suspect.

The officers, with the help of mobile phone service firms, started tracing the signals.

A hotel worker said the arrests happened so fast that Mr Nyasaka and his companions had no time to react. Mr Nyasaka appeared before the airport court yesterday, but did not take a plea.