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How Linturi’s family disowned Kitany during funeral

By Nahashon Musungu September 17th, 2019 1 min read

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi’s family have joined hands in disowning businesswoman Maryanne Kitany.

Kitany has repeatedly told the court in Nairobi that she is Linturi’s wife something that the senator denies. And on Tuesday, her name was missing from a list of family members printed on the funeral programme of Linturi Senior.

Mzee Peter Linturi was buried at his Igembe South home on Tuesday and the eulogy states he was a father-in-law of seven people including Mercy Kaimenyi, whom the politician maintains was his only wife.

Kitany’s name was nowhere to be found despite maintaining that she tied the knot with the politician in April 2016 and has also consistently visited the home.

Relatives of the late Peter Linturi.


The Senator has a different version of events, claiming he only invited Kitany to his home as a ‘visitor’.

On Monday September 16, Kitany asked the court to adjourn the divorce case involving the two to allow her to attend her father-in-law’s burial according to the African traditions.

“The burial of my client’s father in law is tomorrow (Tuesday) and I do confirm that my client will attend the funeral. We have done all arrangements to attend and give the Late Linturi the respect he deserves as a father in law,” Kaitany’s later Dunstan Omari told journalists.

The casket.

“It is the honour and respect of the deceased father-in-law. She has a moral, cultural, legal and philosophical basis to attend the funeral.” She however did not attend the funeral

Deputy President William Ruto, who once employed Kitany as her chief of staff, was also in attendance.