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WATCH: How low the once hard-punching Conje has sunk – VIDEO

The depressing squalid life into which former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng has sunk has yet again been brought to the fore in a viral video taken at the female pugilist’s rural home.

The undated video paints a sorry image of the once proud face of Kenyan women boxing, now reduced to a life of want and suffering in her rural village, perhaps as a result of ill health and poor management by her handlers during her heyday.

The video captures the one time WIBF Middleweight world champion clad in a tattered black t-shirt gleefully chatting with what appears to be her admirers, who filmed the clip.


Typical of her glorious boxing days, Conjestina, who is holding a folded piece of newspaper in one hand, goes ahead to strike some impressive boxing poses.

With a defiant attitude she further reassures her admirers that she’s still got plenty of fight left in her and that she can clobber any opponent who dares challenge her.

The man recording the video asks her, “Tukikupeleka unaweza beat mtu?”

To which Conjestina responds “Niko sawa, niko strong! Niko gauge.”


The man recording the video then offers her a Sh100 note, telling her to take Sh50 and give him the change.

Without hesitation, the retired boxer digs into her pocket at fishes out the change, which she hands over to her benefactor.

The measly handout she receives is in itself an irony for an athlete who once earned big cash.

At the height of her illustrious career, Conje aka Hands of Stone would make up to Sh800,000 in a single bout as celebrities, the media, politicians and corporates fell over themselves to accompany her to the ringside.

All that glitz and glamour now seem like a distant memory for the once flamboyant and hard-punching Conje.