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How Malala publicly fought over money

A video has emerged on social media showing Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala literally fighting over money.

In the 40-second clip, Malala, dressed in a pink t-shirt, is seen physically engaging three men for possession of a black bag at the passenger door of a car.

Nairobi News could not immediately establish the identities of the three men.

Suddenly, the said bag opens up amid the tussle, and wads off Sh1000 denomination notes fly in the air and onto the front seat of the car.

The fight intensifies as Malala screams claiming police were stealing from him.

“This is my money, you are stealing from me, the Police is stealing from me,” the politician is heard screaming.

He manages to push one of the men away and snatches a bundle of the notes which he tosses towards the person recording the whole incident.

The commotion in the vehicle attracts a noisy crowd outside which joins in on the action.

One of the men in the tussle tries to leave the scene but the ever-growing number of people makes it difficult.

Another man grabs the money and a man wearing a white mask pulls them aside in an attempt to take the money.

Malala who is almost out of breath repeatedly screams claiming he was being robbed.

The fight intensifies when the one man is able to get out of the vehicle as Malala desperately tries to stop him.

Once outside, a young man dressed in a black shirt sneaks in his hand through the car window and picks a bundle of notes lying on the floor of the car without apparently anyone noticing him.

Another person in a checked shirt holding a thick stick walks in and tries to restore order and calm the situation which is getting out of hand.

Later on, the police intervene and the youthful Malala is spotted demanding for Sh2 million as another of the accomplice he was fighting earlier holds an empty bag.

The incident happened outside a polling station during the Matungu by-elections on Thursday.