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How Miss Gachie met the love of her life, Dapper Brother

Many people have long known Kenyan lifestyle influencer Tracey Gachie, aka Miss Gachie as the girlfriend, and now wife, of Brian Kagiri, aka The Dapper Brother.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Miss Gachie shares the heartwarming story of their journey, from their first interaction in 2012 to becoming a power couple in the influencer world.

In 2012, Miss Gachie was working for a prominent magazine, and The Dapper Brother was making waves in the gospel industry. Fate had an interesting twist in store for them as they were supposed to collaborate for a magazine cover feature. However, both were involved with other people at the time.

“We met back in 2012, I was working for a magazine and he was in the gospel industry, so he was supposed to be on the cover of the magazine, but then we were seeing other people,” said Miss Gachie.

Fast forward two years, and the two reconnected on a platform that’s become synonymous with modern love stories – Instagram. Their initial interactions were through direct messages, and it wasn’t long before they started talking and hanging out frequently.

Nine years of dating passed in the blink of an eye, filled with laughter, shared dreams, and a deepening connection. In 2021, the couple took the next big step in their journey when they got engaged, and eventually, tied the knot.

“So 2 years later, we started talking on Instagram DMs that was in 2014. We talked and hang out a lot, then 2 months later we started dating. It’s been 9 years of dating, and then we got engaged in 2021. And now married,” she disclosed.

The transition to marriage life has been a smooth and rewarding one for the couple. When asked about how it’s been so far, Miss Gachie couldn’t help but gush about her partner, stating, “It’s been really amazing because we’ve always envisioned spending the rest of our lives together. We stayed committed to it, regardless of everything we went through over the years. I usually say he’s my best friend. We are good friends before anything else, and that has helped our relationship grow.”

Miss Gachie also shared an interesting tidbit about their journey together. The couple decided to take a significant step by living together in 2020. It was a conscious choice they made to gain firsthand experience of what it’s like to share a space and life before officially getting married. This decision allowed them to explore their compatibility, ensure they were on the same page, and strengthen their bond even further.

“We’ve been living together since 2020. We consciously decided that this is something that we both wanted to do so that we experience what it’s like to live together before we got married,” she said.

Miss Gachie and The Dapper Brother tied the knot on Saturday, October 7, 2023, in a spectacular earth-themed wedding.