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How MPs are ‘abetting’ sexcapades at Sh460 million Mama Ngina Waterfront

Five years after its reopening, the Sh460 million Mama Ngina Waterfront Park, the largest public park in the country’s coastal region, is turning into a brothel with locals thronging the area to trade sexual favours.

The management of the establishment is now accusing a section of Kenyans of turning the recreational facility into a brothel.

Mr Ali Noor who, is a manager at the facility, has urged the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Tourism and Wildlife to ensure tourists’ police are deployed to the area to boost security and bring back the waterfront’s diminishing glory.

“People with their cars and park them at the park for sexcapades. This is the norm and it is difficult for us to deal with the issue. This place is frequented by many people, especially during weekends,” said Mr Noor.

One of the officials explained to the MPs how they unearthed the crime after they spotted couples entering the facility and parking their cars which then begin shaking after a few moments.

He said this promoted police officers deployed in the area to begin ‘knocking on the windows of suspicious vehicles’ to stop the indecent acts in the public place.

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“We have nabbed many people in the act. Some people come here with ill intentions including criminals who come here to cause harm to revelers. It is hard for the police manning this facility to know good and bad people. But dirty things happen here including those who use their vehicles as brothels,” said Mr Noor.

However, he said the cases have decreased with increased patrols in the park and after a police post was set up in the area.

“But since police began patrolling near the parking lot, the cases have decreased drastically,” added Mr Noor.

However, the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Tourism and Wildlife warned the police over the harassment of visitors thronging to the area.

The committee which was on a five-day inspection visit of flagship projects under the Ministry of Wildlife, Tourism, and Heritage, called out the police manning the waterfront against harassing revelers going for their ‘personal businesses’.

Led by its chairman, Maara MP Kareke Mbiuki, the committee said the security officers have no mandate to involve themselves in personal issues in private cars.

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His Lamu West counterpart Ms Ruweida Obo, said many tourists love visiting the place to chew khat, watch as vessels pass the Likoni ferry channel, and enjoy the breeze. However, in recent months many have been shying away due to police harassment.

“We have received complaints from members of the public over harassment by the police whenever they visit this park. This should stop. At times, police officers forced the revelers to open their car windows, and peep to see the occupants of the private vehicle,” SAID Ms Obo before adding: “What if someone is carrying a side chick?”

She narrated how lovers are always arrested, handcuffed and dragged into a police car boot like criminal.

However she said due to the shame of being arrested with a side chick, many married people prefer paying off the police.

“They don’t want the shame because of the circumstance they have been found in. You become a slave of the police and accept the crimes. This has forced many people to look for other places to hide with their lovers while engaging in extramarital affairs because Mama Ngina Waterfront is no longer a haven for married couples sourcing lovers,” said Ms Obo.

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The MPs uploaded Ms Obo for defending men taking their lovers at the park from being shamed due to engaging in extramarital affairs.

However, acting County Commissioner Ronald Mwiwawi said police officers have managed to boost security in the area by enhancing patrols.

He said the police post in the area has further boosted security and dealing with criminals who had found a haven in the area.

Other MPs including Innocent Mugabe (Lukuyani), Abdi Khamis Chome (Voi), and Wanjiku John Njuguna (Kiambaa), said the park should be spruced up to attract more tourists and return its lost glory.

Tourism Principal Secretary Mr John Ololtuaa said police officers have boosted security.

“However there is more we must improve to boost security,” said Mr Ololtuaa.

The park receives between 400 to 600 guests a day but during the weekend the number doubles to 1000. The facility is manned by both police officers and National Youth Service.

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