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How MPs treated Kenyans to an eventful year in 2018

The National Assembly had its fair share of drama last year during deliberations on motions and even when passing bills.

Though this article focuses, on the national assembly, the Nairobi County Assembly deserves a mention for its drama packed eviction of Speaker Beatrice Elachi that left a famous “mafirifiri” statement.

Here are the dramatics events that went down in the National Assembly.

1. Finance bill passing
On the day of passing the Finance Bill, Kenyans saw a House and its Speaker disagree on the Nays and Ayes. As the chairperson of the Committee of the whole house put different questions to a vote, those opposing tried shouting the hardest but the amendments were passed and the bill signed by the President into law. Some members walked out and were later branded “wasaliti” by angry Kenyans.

2. Women donning headscarves
Female parliamentarians entered the chambers for the afternoon sessions donning white headscarves, temporarily interrupting the order of business. They later revealed that they were  creating awareness on the need to pass the Gender Bill.

3. Babu Owino’s handshake with Uhuru
The Embakasi East MP interrupted the President’s State of the Nation Address to shake his hand as he talked about reconciliation after grueling elections in 2017. The President not only shook hands with the youthful legislator but also urged other members to do the same across the floor of the House.

4. Black cat
A black cat was spotted in the public gallery during one of the sessions and some members started asking for a parliament cleansing session saying it was a bad omen to have a black cat in the House.

5. Millie crying
The tough speaking Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo showed her soft side after breaking down in parliament in May. The legislator was responding to a question on why she had been silent as members gave their feedback to the President’s State of the Nation Address.

Millie started explaining how sad she was on a personal and political note as she had a sick brother and was also thinking of the many opposition supporters who died after the 2017 elections in protests. She asked MPs to stop playing politics with the lives of Kenyans.

6. Slay queen remark
Female legislators were angry after Kimilili MP Dismus Barasa opposed the Gender Bill, saying bringing more women to the House would only give a chance to slay queens.