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How much governors with fine sense of fashion are spending on their dressing

There is no doubt that flamboyant Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho is a man who is very particular about how he looks.

It is evident in his careful grooming and dressing — carefully-trimmed hair paired with a stylish beard cut and well-fitting immaculate clothes that even an unschooled eye can tell are pricey. Unless they are very good knock-offs, that is.


Mr Joho seems to favour Versace and Dolce&Gabbana, both high-end Italian fashion brands, going by the many glamorous photos he has posted on his Instagram page.

One of his shirts by Dolce&Gabbana described on the brand’s site as “Cotton Hawaiian Shirt with Tropical King Print”, costs 800 euros, about Sh92,000. He also has a Versace Gold Barocco print silk sweater, which goes for 862 dollars (Sh89,000).

The governor also owns a Versace Embroidered Medusa shirt, which costs around 550 euros (Sh63,000).

Two months ago in a popular video clip of the governor partying with American socialite Paris Hilton in the US, he wore a Versace Blue/Gold Heritage Print shirt that costs 450 pounds (Sh60,000).


Mr Joho is also a lover of designer sneakers. Of the many that he flaunts on Instagram, he owns a pair by luxury fashion house Dolce&Gabbana that costs 290 euros, about Sh34,000, enough to buy around 1,000 pairs of leather school shoes at Bata.

But Joho is not the only governor in Kenya with a taste for designer clothes.

A couple of weeks ago, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, who is known for his flashy dressing and love for over-the-top jewellery, was photographed wearing the Versace brand from head-to-toe on his way to the Kenya Revenue Authority offices in Nairobi, where he was questioned over suspect payments.

The ensemble was composed of a cap, sunglasses, shirt and matching sandals. Such a Versace Baroque silk shirt costs 1,395 dollars (Sh144,000).


He has also been photographed wearing a Gucci GG Supreme bucket hat that goes for 650 dollars, about Sh67,500. The governor was also once photographed with Globe-Trotter Riviera 20” carry-on trolley worth 1,950 dollars (Sh200,000).

Globe-Trotter is a British luxury luggage, suitcase and accessory brand.

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi also has an expensive taste, which seems to lean towards Versace, having been photographed wearing a Versace Baroque silk shirt that costs 1,395 dollars (Sh144,000), as well as a Versace Barocco print shirt that costs 1,036 dollars, which is roughly Sh107,000.

So, compared to these three governors, how does your governor fare in terms of fashion-sense, grooming and partiality to big brands that were made with those with big bucks in mind?