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How much top Kenyan actors will now earn

Probably inspired by current developments happening in Hollywood, Kenya Actors Guild has updated their rate cards.

According to a document obtained by Nairobi News, a seasoned main actor of a local TV Series (with at least 13 episode), is entitled to Sh30,000 per episode, while a junior main actor is entitled to Sh25,000

Seasoned supporting actor will command a fee of Sh20,000 for every episode while junior supporting actor is to be paid Sh15,500. The list remunerated are background actors with a script Sh3,000 while those without (extras) Sh1,500.

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But if the series is international and a Kenyan actor lands a role as the main lead, then the rate shoots to $2,500 (Sh355,125) and $2,000 (Sh284,100) for the main supporting actor.

For local films, the main actor rate has been revised upwards to Sh15,000 per day from Sh5,000 while new rates for main supporting actors is Sh12,000 per day up from Sh3,500.

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Junior main actor now should be able to charge Sh9,000 while supporting Junior Actor new rates is Sh6,000 up from Sh5,500 and Sh3,5000 respectively.

This new development within Kenyan acting space comes at a time when more than 160,000 Hollywood actors have downed their tools to protest over plummeting wages which through their relevant bodies such as Screen Actors Guild (SAG). The actors claim that it has become impossible for the vast majority of them to earn a living.

According to SAG, streaming platforms such as Apple, Amazon, Netflix, NBC Universal, Sony, Paramount and CBS News have refused to negotiate improved rates for performers and the sharing of streaming revenue.

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