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How Mzee Ojwang and Vitimbi crew were kicked out of KBC

When they appeared to pay tribute to the deceased veteran comedian Benson Wanjau aka Mzee Ojwang on the NTVs’ The Trend with Larry Madowo, the Vitimbi crew looked sad and bitter.

Mary Khavere, better known as Mama Kayai on set, who all through the interview crossed her hands, said:

“KBC chased us one morning after all those years saying that we were old. They didn’t tell us what went wrong. That was very disrespectful of our careers”

“We left empty handed. They didn’t give us even a penny after firing us. The pan is still there even after all that time”

Until last year when the Vitimbi show went missing on the national broadcaster’s screen, it had been an all time classic to people of all ages for many years.


However, the Vitimbi crew confirmed that the show runs on GOtv Channel 4.

Gibson Mbugua also known as Prosecutor of the popular Vioja Mahakamani show said:

“The reason why Mzee Ojwang died in that state and the reason we do not earn a decent living is because there is no Art Policy in Kenya. We get used and dumped because we are not protected. We need to have a way of tapping talent and rewarding it as well.”

The Vitimbi crew said that they will remember the late Mzee Ojwang as a father and a role model to them. He will be buried n 29th July at Langa’ta Cemetry after a service at Nyayo Stadium.

“We are making plans to give Mzee a heroic and decent sendoff because he deserves it,” said Mbugua.