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How Nadia Mukami forgot lyrics to her song at international show

Celebrated singer Nadia Mukami has shared a candid memory of a challenging moment in her career when she forgot lyrics to her song during an international performance in Congo.

In a recent radio interview, the artist and mother of one revealed that she had just given birth and was grappling with “mom brain,” a condition characterized by forgetfulness and cognitive fog that some new mothers experience.

Nadia recounted the incident with honesty and a touch of humor, explaining, “I used to have mum brains when I gave birth. I went to Congo when my son was three months old for a show.

I couldn’t turn it down. I was so confused, and it was the first time I was getting on stage after giving birth,” she said.

Asked how she handled the situation, Nadia Mukami said it was very weird since it was a private event.

“You know, in Congo, you don’t do playback; you perform live. It was a private event, and I forget lyrics. It was a little bit weird, but I don’t beat myself up. It was an experience I was going through since I had just given birth.”

Aside from her personal journey, Nadia also discussed her recent signee, an artist named Latino, whom she welcomed into her record label.

Reflecting on her passion for the music business and her commitment to nurturing new talent, the‘Super Woman’ singer mentioned,

“He is my first signee in my record label. I started my record label in Servant Squatter. I am very passionate about creating music business and doing proposals.

Along the way, I felt that I needed to bring in artistes. It’s weird that immediately I signed Latino, I found out I was pregnant. It was hard to even tell him. He is someone who had big dreams in him.”

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