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How Nairobi reveller lost his valuables after night of partying

A court in Nairobi has heard how one businesswoman allegedly stole a mobile phone and a wristwatch all valued at Sh160,000 after a sleepover at a man’s house in Nairobi West.

On the night of November 2, 202, it was reported that Dahir Mohamud Ahmed was having drinks with his friends at a club in Nairobi West, when they were joined by a certain Jackline Wanjiru Mwangi.

Around 2am, Ms Mwangi suggested that they move to another club nearby but Ahmed objected and they continued drinking until 5am.

The woman reportedly suggested that Ahmed take her to his house to sleep. He obliged and the pair proceeded to the man’s house.

Mr Ahmed fell asleep and only woke up around 3pm on November 3. He found himself alone with his Iphone Promax12 and Iphone wristwatch missing.

The man reported the incident at Akila police station in South C, but it was until May 11 this year that he was informed by a friend that the suspect had been spotted in a certain night club. He alerted police officers who accompanied him and arrested Ms Mwangi.

Ms Mwangi denied the charges before Senior Resident Magistrate Derrick Kutto when she appeared before the Kibera Law Court and was granted a surety bond of Sh100,000 and an alternative cash bail of Sh50,000. The case will be mentioned on May 30.