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WATCH: How Norfolk staffers struggled to mount Ruto’s portrait before his arrival

By Winnie Onyando September 28th, 2022 1 min read

Employees of Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi were on Wednesday afternoon caught in a small commotion as they struggled to mount President William Ruto’s portrait moments before the head of state arrives at the facility for a function.

The last minute activity around the portrait added to what appeared to be confusion by the event organizers and the hotel in general ahead of Dr Ruto’s arrival.

The press briefing was initially meant to have started as 12:30pm but it was delayed until 1:40pm. When meeting finally started, it appeared those in attendance were unware that the president would soon be arriving.

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After an hour, the meeting was stopped unceremoniously and the media asked to rearrange themselves. Then the president’s rostrum was brought in, a clear indication that the head of state was just around the corner.

The seats were rearranged and one door closed, reserved for the president’s entry.

But just before that, there was frenzied activity with hotel staffers running around, one carrying the president’s portrait.

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They then started looking for a strategic spot to mount the portrait.

Quickly, they hammered a nail on the wall before realizing that the chosen spot was too low.

The nail was removed and hammered on a higher position where everybody could see it as journalists, who all along were documenting the incident, burst into laughter.

Now, everything was place for the president’s arrival

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