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How offensive tweet from foulmouthed tweep blessed this woman

By Amina Wako February 4th, 2020 2 min read

Lucy Gatimu, a mother of three young girls, who earns a living by doing laundry has been the topic of online discussions since Sunday evening.

Gatimu won the hearts of Kenyans on Twitter after one tweep by the name Osama Otero humiliated her with insults after she sought his help.

It all started when Otero appealed to netizens to help the less privileged children with school necessities whenever possible.

He asked his followers to spare some little money to purchase shoes or a bag for needy children.

“Manze joh najua most of us wenye tuko twitter we can easily afford some few 600bob. Ukiwahi spot mtoi mdogo wa primo hana viatu ama bag mzuri ya shule. Just do the magic. Esp kama wewe ni mlevi. Imagine mzinga moja ya black and white can really change kids’ perception about life,” he posted.

Gatimu was among those who responded to the tweet, while also pleading with Otero to start with her.

“Start with me niko na two girls wako shuke na nahitaji extra uniforms niache kufua kila siku,” she said.

Otero, in response, harshly told her off.

“Uza, Simu unatumia kutweet, buy uniform. Change ikibaki nunua nayo a cheaper phone. Be a mother,” Otero wrote.

Gatimu immediately apologized saying she had no bad intentions.

“Woi sikua na ubaya I was just requesting am sorry kaa nimekuudhi by asking for help,” she said.

But the apology only prompted a harsher response from Otero who tweeted: “Tumia akili shenz type.”

His response angered netizens, with many demanding that he apologises to Gatimu.

Sympathetic netizens went ahead to seek Gatimu’s phone number and started sending her money to purchase school uniform for her daughters.

The contributions continued until Gatimu’s M-Pesa account exceeded its limit, according to one tweep.

Otero has since pulled down the offensive tweet and issued an apology which has however not been well received.

“…@sir are a lot Yesterday I was disrespectful. I admit. Sometimes we trip. Can we now move on? Don’t forget to help those kids,” he tweeted.