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How Ole Kina took his sweet time to remove his jacket after being arrested

Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina’s arrest by police on Tuesday morning wasn’t without drama, as the vocal politician insisted on being allowed to remove his jacket before sitting in the police car.

Detectives pounced on the Senator moments after he had left the Royal Media Services studio on Tuesday morning.

He had also conducted a telephone interview with NTV journalist Debarl Inea on the AM Live show.

In a video captured by Citizen TV, a plainclothes police officer dressed in a brown jacket is seen approaching the senator’s car.

Ole Kina: You want us to go to NCIC? I will be in my car, I will follow you.

Police officer: No, I want you to come in my car.

Ole Kina: You want me to come in your car? That is okay.

The politician then unfastens his seatbelt and then moves towards a white car parked nearby.

He enters the car but here is where the drama begins as the officers insist on sandwiching him in the backseat.

Police officer: Why don’t you just cooperate?

Ole Kina: I am cooperating…

Police officer: Don’t create any scenes… unnecessary scenes…

Ole Kina: I don’t create scenes.

Police officer: I will not press you…

Ole Kina: I’ve told you I am ready…

Police officer: No, it is the law…

Ole Kina: It is the law to be pushed inside?

Police officer: No, no, no we are not pushing you… we are not pushing you… please, just cooperate… Mheshimiwa, I must sit here.

Ole Kina: You must sit here?

Police officer: Yes.

Ole Kina: You don’t spoil my jacket. I have to remove it.

Police officer: I won’t, I won’t…

Ole Kina: I have to remove my jacket. Excuse me, let me stand up remove it and I will sit in the middle.

He then step out of the car, removes jacket and folds it.

“Let me tell you, a coward dies a thousand times… a soldier dies but once… and I am ready,” he says while addressing journalists.

He then enters the car which speeds away.

Ole Kina is reportedly set to be grilled in relation to comments he made in the run up to, and during the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) rally in Narok at the weekend.