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How one ministry of health official transmitted Covid-19 to 11 people

One of the patients confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus in Kawangware area was a staff member at the Ministry of Health.

This has been revealed by Health Director General Dr Patrick Amoth, who said the individual worked at the Emergency Operation Centre.

Dr Amoth made the revelation as he explained how the particular ministry official was responsible for the infection of 11 other people.

He said the unnamed person is responsible for transmitting the deadly virus to more than half of the total number of Covid-19 cases confirmed in Kawagware.

The expansive Kawangware has confirmed a total of 20 cases making it the leading estate in Nairobi in terms of coronavirus infections.

“I also want to emphasise a bit on the cases from Kawangware as the Health CAS has alluded to. There are 20 cases in Kawangware, 12 of these cases can be traced back to one single individual. And this single individual used to work with us at the emergency operation centre,” Dr Amoth said.

The state employee is said to have passed the disease to six people, who then passed the novel coronavirus to five others in the area.

“This single individual passed the disease to six primary contacts. Out of these primary contacts there are five secondary contacts so if you draw that tree there are twelve people,” he went on.

The Health DG insisted on the importance of quarantine, which he said is the only solution for tree branches to stop growing on one particular virus case.