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How Oscar Sudi ‘lost millions’ in Finland scholarship saga

Kapseret lawmaker Oscar Sudi says he, too, fell victim to financial impropriety in the Finland and Canada scholarships saga.

The outspoken lawmaker says he played a significant role in the education initiative by fundraising to the drive.

However, the program, initially introduced by Uasin Gishu Senator Jackson Mandago while he served as the county’s Governor, has since transformed into a scandal in which millions of shillings paid by parents to ensure their children access education abroad have gone missing.

Mr Mandago, along with some county officials, stand accused of embezzling the funds intended for parents to sponsor their children’s studies abroad, specifically in Finland and Canada.

Sudi claims his active participation in fundraising for the initiative.

“They should compensate me as well. I contributed a substantial amount, not less than Sh10 million. Through various fundraisers, I contributed Sh300, 000, Sh200,000, and Sh100, 000,” the outspoken MP stated.

The lawmaker affiliated with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party, and known to be a close ally of President William Ruto, has called upon the former county boss to repay him and the other contributors the funds they had raised for the program.

“Even if you attempt to evade the issue, you must repay the money so that you are clean,” Sudi asserted.

He further added, “Mandago and his associates should sell their lands to settle the debts. They are not financially disadvantaged.”

The case is currently before the court, and Mr Mandago was apprehended, arraigned, and subsequently granted bail.

He and his alleged associates face accusations of misappropriating Sh1.1 billion through the education project.

Parents and students who were intended to travel abroad for further studies have painfully recounted how their hard-earned funds were misused, with some even expressing that they now grapple with depression.

The initiative was inaugurated in 2021 by Mr Mandago during his tenure as the Governor of Uasin Gishu County.

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