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How Otile Brown brushed off female fan who attempted to ‘force herself’ on him

By Winnie Mabel September 17th, 2022 2 min read

Hot, handsome and blessed with a voice that soothes one’s nightmares away. This is what I think of Kenyan crooner Otile Brown.

And it would appear that I’m not the only one who thinks that Otile is a gift from the gods.

A video has emerged of one female fan who tried to get things hot and heavy between herself and Otile but things did not go as she thought they would.

See, Otile was performing one of his hit songs in New Jersey, United States of America, when the woman, clad in a short, shimmery mini dress, came up on stage and began grinding on Otile Brown. But for some reason our music star was not for it because he kept holding off the female fan.

Perplexed by Otile’s reaction, the fan attempted to ask him what the problem was.

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And when Otile uploaded the short clip on his Tik Tok account, his some of his fans wondered why the lass attempted to force herself on him and causing herself so much embarrassment.

Others said they would never be caught dead in such a situation even if it was superstar Justin Beiber on stage.

Otile was also lauded for exercising discipline as a means of escaping casual intimate encounters later off-stage while others said the woman had no ounce of shame left in her and would never live down the embarrassment she’d brought on herself.

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Here a few more comments:

“Wueeee, if you ever find me in this situation, mninyonge tu na mnitupe kwa forest,” Ivy Mecha said.

“She was like, ‘ni nini? Si uwache nikutingizie ata kidogo,” Maxine commented.

“The Luo in him won’t allow,” Maureen Sasha wrote.

“Am embarrassed on her behalf,” wrote Miss JD.

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“Good Otile. I love men whom don’t allow earthly pressure,” Subira Beb reacted.

“The only faithful man who is single,” Stephanie commented.

“She only wanted her 5 minutes of fame,” wrote Ruthlyn Wairimu.

“I love a man with high standards. Highest form of self-respect,” wrote Khisa.