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How pastor prayed for salvation of a man caught stealing car parts

A man of God has shared the unexpected turn around of a suspected thief who was accosted at the church parking lot stealing side mirrors from a conference guest’s car.

Pastor Edward Smith of the Lord Reigns Ministries in Ruaka said he was about to welcome the speaker on stage when he was notified of the commotion outside the church and rushed there.

The church that is located in Ruaka area was holding an annual conference and had invited speakers to talk about different topics.


He found that the suspect was about to be lynched for attempted theft but he convinced the mob to let him preach to the thief to be saved.

“After taking authority and calming the mob, they agreed to escort the suspect to our church, asking him to carry tyres around him ‘like Jesus carried His cross’. Thank God the 24 year old man who has been on hard drugs for over 7 years received Christ, (he is currently undergoing counselling and other support courtesy of our church) as we believe God for total restoration and deliverance,” wrote the pastor on his Facebook page.