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How police arrested Azimio diehard Nuru Okang’a

Details of how Mr Nuru Okanga, an ardent supporter of Azimio leader Raila Odinga was reportedly arrested by suspected police officers attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) can now be revealed.

Ms Imelda Okanga, Nuru’s wife, told Nairobi News her husband was nabbed by policemen as they made arrangements to move out of their home in Kayole, Nairobi.

“We made the decision to move out after his friend warned us that since he was known to be a mobilizer of the opposition rallies, there was a chance something bad could happen to him,” Ms Imelda said.

Ms Okanga adds her husband had also gathered information there were some unknown people who planned to abduct him owing to his political affiliation.

Ms Okanga said they managed to get a house and he was supposed to source for a vehicle that would aid transport their belongings.

“We started loading our items into the vehicle and moments later I saw three heavily built men walk towards us. They were not wearing police uniform and they picked him up,” she said.

Ms Okanga adds that two of the heavily built men walked away with him while another remained behind.

The one who remained behind walked towards her and demanded that she hands over a phone which was in her pocket.

The lady said that she had Mr Okang’a phone in her pocket and the husband had her phone.

“The officer took away the phone and when I tried to question him why he was taking my gadget he started walking away,” she said.

“I made a step of following him and that is when I saw him board a motor vehicle where my husband had been bundled in. There was also another vehicle which had armed police officers who were in uniform,” she added, adding that the vehicles left at a high speed.

Ms Imelda said that she did not take time to master the number plates of the motor vehicles in the incident that took place at 2pm.

She said that she did not remain with any option but offload the items from the motor vehicle which her husband had arrived with.

Mr Nuru, was nabbed on the same day Mr Calvin Gaucho was also arrested by police officers. They are both locked up at Kiambu Police Station.

Their lawyer Mr Danstan Omari said that the duo who are members of the Azimio-allied Movement for Defense of Democracy (MDD), were initially taken to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters after being held separately at Limuru and Karuri without any specified charges being preferred against them.

Lawyer Omari claimed that Gaucho and Okanga were being held for allegedly participating in Azimio’s Monday protests.

“One of them was taken to Limuru and the other to Karuri in Kiambu County. They have been brought to DCI offices in Mazingira House,” he said.

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