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How police officers killed four suspected gangsters in Nakuru

Details of how police officers on Friday ended the lives of four suspected members of a criminal gang in Nakuru can now be revealed.

According to a police report seen by Nairobi News, the officers were on foot patrol within Kwa Maiko village in Nakuru County when they were informed by members of the public of a gang that was in an isolated house.

The officers approached the house where they encountered one person armed with arrows. According to the police report, the officers ordered the man lay down the weapons but instead he attacked the officers while calling out the other gang members. The other suspects also emerged from the house armed with arrows and machetes.

“They advanced towards the officers while shooting their arrows. The officers fired back leading to the four fatalities,” the report read.

The scene was then visited by a team of officers attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and regular police officers all working in Nakuru West.

It was established that there were four bodies of unidentified men in their early 20s at the scene of crime. Police said that two other gang members escaped with the machetes and arrows.

While pursuing the fleeing suspects, the officers stumbled on a bhang plantation at the nearby field.

“One panga, two quavers and 30 arrows suspected to be poisonous were recovered at the scene. Also in the house several sim cards were recovered. A search for the wounded gang members is ongoing,” the police report says.