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How police officers rescued woman who was abducted by Nigerian nationals

Police on Monday night arrested two Nigerians and a Kenyan woman in Utawala estate for allegedly kidnapping a woman and locking her inside their house.

The abduction came to light after the woman, whose identity is yet to be made public, sent a distress message to one of her Facebook friends.

“There is a school nearby. I am in the fifth floor of a house. There is a big building with a big parking just in the front of the bedroom where I am. The only house I am in now is the only one and located on the rooftop,” the abducted woman’s message read.

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This happened moments after she had arrived at the house to see her client only for them to hold her hostage. Her abductors then ordered her to delete her WhatsApp app and switch off her phone.

The three then locked him up inside a bedroom in the house as they demanded for money.

According to the woman, she were held captive for nearly 13 hours until she was rescued by police officers who stormed the house.

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This was after the woman’s Facebook friend shared news of the abduction.

The officers who arrived at the house found the three suspects seated in the living room watching TV.

Nairobi County police boss Mr Adamson Bungei said the three will be arraigned in court over the abduction.

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