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How Pastor Ng’ang’a enjoyed illegal escort during fatal crash

Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet was duped into supporting a cover-up after a car suspected to belong to televangelist James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism was involved in a fatal accident in Tigoni area of Kiambu nearly two weeks ago.

And it has now emerged that the pastor is illegally escorted by senior police officers during his trips outside Nairobi.

One such officer, an Inspector Christopher Nzuli Nzioka of the Kenya Police Airwing, was in the Range Rover involved in the accident where Mercy Njeri died and her husband was injured.

Ms Njeri was buried Tuesday with politicians from Kiambu threatening to initiate the sacking of Mr Boinnet if he did not ensure the televangelist was punished.


A preliminary investigation into how police handled the accident case involving the televangelist has revealed the depth of the rot that has pervaded law enforcement in Kenya in the recent past.

Departments of the Police Force, including the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Traffic, colluded in staging an outrageous cover-up in a frightening indictment of law enforcement in Kenya.

The investigation report shows how policemen in the traffic department may have forged documents regarding the case, and suggests an intricate cover-up by the officers in order to hide the truth.

The report also shows how the well-known pastor of Neno Evangelism walks around with “police bodyguards,” though they are not officially assigned to protect him.

Though not captured in the report, sources privy to the investigation also revealed that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations is on the spot because its detectives possibly tampered with official telephone data in a bid to conceal crucial evidence that could help in the case.


It shows that telephone logs from a mast in Tigoni which would have placed the televangelist at or near the scene of the accident were erased.

The effect of this was that records of the persons who may have called or received calls from the pastor are unavailable.

With a supposedly reformed Police Force prepared to confront all challenges facing the country, including terrorism, being implicated in such cover-up, the prospects for law enforcement are truly dismal.

It points to a police force ready to engage in criminal conduct to protect suspects, especially those in high places.

Ms Njeri died in the 5.45 pm accident after the vehicle she was travelling in collided with the pastor’s vehicle at Manguo in Limuru, on July 26.


Her husband, Martin Mbugua Ndung’u, who was driving the car, a Nissan March, survived with serious injuries.

Witnesses claim Pastor Ng’ang’a was driving the Range Rover, but with the support of traffic police officers who attended the scene, he has denied the reports.

Mr Boinnet initially sided with his officers, but made a hasty turnaround and questioned their integrity, following uproar by Kenyans on social media, and ordered an investigation into their conduct.

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SOURCE: Daily Nation