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How rapper CMB Prezzo almost joined Mungiki

Veteran rapper and former Big Brother Africa participant Jackson Ngechu Makini alias CMB Prezzo, has shared a gripping account of how he was on the verge of being recruited by the former leader of the outlawed Mungiki sect, Maina Njenga.

In a revealing YouTube interview, CMB Prezzo recounted his year-long battle with depression and the fateful day that brought him in contact with Maina Njenga.

The harrowing journey began when Prezzo received a mysterious phone call from an associate of Maina Njenga, who relayed Maina’s desire to meet him personally at his residence in Karen. The purpose of the meeting remained shrouded in secrecy.

“I received a call from his brother, Andrew, saying Chairman Maina Njenga would like to meet you. I asked why, and he replied, ‘Come to Karen; everything is ready for you.’ When you find yourself in such a situation, you’re filled with countless questions,” Prezzo explained.

“I was depressed during that period. I confided in my bodyguards, and one of them said, ‘Let’s go; how are you going to win if you don’t play?’ So, we ventured to Karen, and Maina Njenga had this movement. He needed me to be the youth leader of the Mungiki-like movement, and who am I to say no.”

Once Prezzo settled into Maina’s residence in Karen, he found himself at a crossroads.

Maina Njenga offered him the position of youth leader within the outlawed Mungiki sect, a role that Prezzo surprisingly accepted.

“He entrusted me with responsibilities, and I served in that capacity for nine years. After our initial meeting, we proceeded to Limuru, where the police were alerted to our presence and dispersed us with tear gas. By the end of the day, the Chairman was arrested. As the dust settled, we continued to maintain contact with the Chairman. He had multiple residences in this city,” Prezzo revealed.

Maina Njenga has since transformed into a popular politician in Kenya after cutting links with the sect. Prezzo meanwhile, has on two occasions unsuccessfully attempted to join elective politics.

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