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How renowned radio host fooled the public with ‘cheating wife’ joke

Radio personality Nick Odhiambo was caught up in a storm on Friday after he took a joke a bit too far. It all started how everything starts nowadays: WhatsApp group and screenshots.

A man identified as Byron sent a picture of a young woman and a man in a compromising situation. Although both are naked, only the woman’s face is shown clearly.

So immediately the picture was sent, Nick took on Byron asking him the source of the picture. “Byron where did you get this picture… that’s my wife,” says Nick in the conversation whose screenshots have gone viral.

The man then appears surprised quipping: “Makosa imefanyika.”


That is where the problem is. One of the screenshots ends the conversation there and most who have seen only one believe that Nick is the woman’s husband.

However, a second screenshot reveals that Nick was just in his usual trademark: joking.

After a brief exchange in Dholuo, Byron asks Nick if he indeed is the husband.

“Hehe..I’m playing…simjui huyo dada,” he responded.

Nick trended the whole of Friday with some people who had not seen both screenshots expressing shock at the “bizarre” turn of events.

Others condemned the man in the picture as he took the picture while the woman was sound asleep.