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How Robin Njogu gave wife ‘mutura’ gift when dating

The late Robin Njogu’s wife Carol has eulogised her husband as a supportive man who was always there for her and the family.

The widow particularly recalled an incident from their dating days when he lost the company car when visiting him.

“He stopped by our house in Jericho (estate) to say ‘hi’. He was using the company’s car. He asked the driver to park and wait for him. As he sneaked in to see me, some guys had just committed a crime in the neighbourhood and found a car with a driver. They jumped in and commandeered the driver. Just like that, a company car was missing because Robin had stopped on his way to see me. I don’t know how he got away with that,” she explained.

At the time of his death, Robin was the Managing Editor – Radio at the Royal Media Services.

He succumbed to Covid-19 related complications at the Aga Khan hospital where he had been at the Intensive Care Unit for more than a week.

His died two days after his mother had also breathed her last.

Carol’s eulogy was read on her behalf by Pauline Chegu who is a family friend.

“He chose me, I accepted it. We became one and accepted each other on December 3, 2005. He was not the type to surprise me or send me presents. Earlier on, in our relationship, I complained about it. I was not getting any chocolates or gifts on my birthday. One Valentine’s Day he surprised me with a gift that was neatly wrapped. I was touched and flattered. I opened it and found it was mutura. The first gift. That’s how romantic he was.”

According to Carol, the two met on the first day she reported to (Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC).

“As I struggled with my bags at the gate, a man approached me and offered to help. Ignoring him, I hastened my steps towards the hostels. I knew there and then this was the kind of men I was warned against. I looked back at a distance to make sure he had gone away only to find him unmoved looking at me with that smile he always had.”

“A few days later, he approached me and asked to borrow Sh100. I did not ask any questions. I gave him and continued on my way. One week later he found me and returned the Sh100, that’s how we started but then again that’s my story. If Robin were here, he would have told a different side of the story.”

The late Njogu will be buried on Saturday at his home in Cherangany, Trans Nzoia County.

Only family and close friends will attend the burial as per the Covid-19 protocols.

He is survived by his wife and three children.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto are among scores of leaders who’ve shared their condolences to the family.