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How rogue Nairobi motorists are endangering lives

A video posted on social media has shown how much danger pedestrians in Nairobi expose themselves to from rogue motorists who have little regards for other road users.

The clip, which was taken on Friday at 5:30 pm along Waiyaki Way and shared on a WhatsApp group, shows several matatu drivers and boda boda riders recklessly driving on a pavement without a care for pedestrians.


Kenyans on social media were furious over the practice which is common among matatu drivers who are notorious for speeding in areas with high human traffic.

Matatu drivers in most routes in the city are known for using pavements meant for pedestrians or even driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid heavy traffic during peak hours.


Road Safety Volunteers, through its director and founder, Kelvin Nyagah, also added their voice to the debate saying motorists who engage in such practices pose a big risk to pedestrians, especially school children.

“We have been campaigning against motorized traffic driving or parking on non-motorized sections, and we have talked to several institutions about it. We shared the clip on our Facebook page to discourage this behavior,” said Mr Nyagah.

Road Safety Volunteers now intends to follow up the matter with relevant authorities and push for the erection of bollards as a deterrent measure against this practice.

“We would like to ask motorists to respect pedestrians so that we reduce accident. In addition they damage these sections since they are not meant for heavy traffic,” Mr Nyagah said.