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How safe are the Maasai treatment herbs?

Even though Kenyans have embraced modern day medication, a significant portion of the population still turn to traditional remedies when the need arises.

Research also shows those who opt for traditional remedies resort to certain self or referral prescriptions by friends and family without any medical background.

The use of medicinal plants for treatment of humans and animals is entrenched in the Maasai culture and traditional knowledge related to it is passed on from one generation to the next.

A handful of researchers have in the past decades documented this knowledge.

No single study has documented medicinal plant uses of the Maasai community as a whole.

In the Maasai community, traditional use of plants for curative purposes is a cultural practice that has been inherited from their ancestors over many generations.

For example, young Maasai warriors, the Morans, carry out traditional ceremonies that involve the slaughter of bulls deep in the forest where they gather medicinal plants to prepare a traditional soup for general body health.

However, Nairobi residents believe that some conditions can only be treated traditionally.

Others believe that casting of spells of any kind can be cured by traditional medicines.

While some believe and trust the famous Maasai herbal, others find them ineffective and despise them.

However, the safety of these herbal medicines raises concerns.

The hygiene standards during preparation, the source of ingredients, and official approval are often overlooked by many Kenyans who focus more on ‘perceived’ effectiveness.

The practice of self-prescribing seems ingrained in Kenyan culture, with some resorting to self-proclaimed doctors and switching pharmacies to avoid proper medical prescriptions.

The Massai herbal medicine has gained familiarity, with multiple Massai individuals selling their concoctions claiming various health benefits.

Yet, not all sellers prioritize the well-being of buyers, sometimes prioritizing profit over safety.

It’s important to exercise caution to prevent further health issues while seeking remedies.

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