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How side hustle saved me from despair: Amin

Ibrahim Mohamed Amin has made a name for himself with his outdoor advertising ventures in Eastleigh.

His company, Brand Vision Insights, specialises in billboards, outdoor tents and poster display boards advertising.

Colleges and several companies such as Air Arabia and Juba Air are some of the clients he has served.

After completing high school, Amin joined Frontier FM (a Somali radio station) and worked as an advertising and marketing executive, a job he said he enjoyed most.

In 2008 while still at Frontier FM, he registered an outdoor business and named it East Post Media Ventures. He then put up three billboards in Eastleigh and a poster display board at the Eastleigh mosque on 6th Street, a decision that was inspired by the many faithful going to the mosque for prayers.

Lose job

Unfortunately in 2010, the station closed and he lost his job. Not letting the misfortune take him down and with an existing business, the 27-year-old put his experience in advertising to good use. 

He collaborated with companies and schools in brand activation on his billboards that were erected on buildings and poster boards in the area, a task he engaged himself in until Equity Bank offered him a job which he quit after eight months to do what he love most — advertising.

Afterwards, in 2010, Amin rebranded his company as Brand Vision Insights, and set his mind to grow it.

Today, Amin is called upon to help with any matter regarding advertising in Nairobi’s most active trading centre. He has increased his company’s presence in shopping centres and mosques.

“I have three stand alone double faced poster display boards in various points and several others attached on buildings, such as the Eastleigh Mall,” he said.

A poster display, with several advertisements can earn him up to Sh20,000 a month. Depending on the sizes which vary from A4 to A0, the cost of a poster advertisement ranges from Sh2,000 to Sh12,000. 


The company also features outdoor tent and billboard advertising. In tent advertising, his main clients are education institutions and it costs them Sh17,000 to have their courses on display on the streets for two weeks.

Although he had to pull down his three billboards, Amin has resolved to have them up and running again.


“The billboards were pulled down because the landlords had to demolish their buildings to pave way for road expansion. I have one under construction at the moment and it will be ready for use in a week’s time,” he added.

He has three permanent employees and occasionally hires casuals when special projects are on-going.