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How spooky spider-eating challenge went wrong for this TikToker

A Kenyan Tiktoker has shared a video of his swollen face, explaining that it is as a result of eating a spider.

In the video, the Tiktoker by the name Aq9ine aka King of Muguka, is seen scratching himself all over his body while asking his fans to pray for him.

“Naskia kaa sina uso, nafurafura kila place. Nimekula spider and this is happening to my whole face, hadi mikono,” he says.

The content creator later said that had been admitted in hospital after his chest started aching and his fever shot up.

Aq9ine, who has 17.7k followers on Instagram and 223.5k on TikTok, has in the past shared videos of himself cooking animals that are ordinarily not edible, including moles, bats and other strange creatures.

The content creator has also in the past asked those who question his spooky stunts to stop lecturing him on his choice of meals and instead mind their own business.

“Mnaboo bana… mnacatch juu ya shida zangu, why? Mimi nikikufa ntazikwa na mnisahau. Haufai kushtuka juu mimi si wenu,” is on record for saying.