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How stolen caps gave away burglary suspect

A man who allegedly broke into a house in Kabete, Nairobi and stole a TV set, mobile phones and three caps made the grave mistake of wearing one of the stolen caps a few hours later leading to his arrest.

It is reported that on the night of August 3, the suspect, Fredrick Ambiya, allegedly broke into Francis Liposhe’s house where he stole the said items.

The incident happened while the owner of the house and his family were all asleep. Mr Liposhe woke up early the following to find that his house had been broken into and some items stolen.

The house’s door was also wide open and he later found his wife’s handbag outside the house. He reported the matter at Kabete Police Station and went to work in Kangemi where he stumbled on the suspect and another man wearing the stolen caps.

He immediately raised an alarm and members of the public cornered the two suspects. Mr Ambiya’s accomplice dropped the cap and managed to escape. Mr Ambiya was however not as lucky. He was given a serious beating before police officers arrived at the scene and rescued him.

The caps were recovered as exhibits and are being used as exhibits in a case against the suspect.

On Thursday when he was arraigned before the Kibera Law Courts, Mr Ambiya denied the burglary charges. He is also facing an additional charge of handling stolen goods after he was allegedly found with the three stolen caps.

The charges read that on the night of August 3, 2022, he dishonestly retained the three caps in the course of stealing them knowing or having reasons to believe them to be stolen property.

The accused was granted a bond of Sh300,000 without an option of a cash bail. The case will be mentioned on August 22 for pretrial and fixing of hearing dates.