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How Super Metro is adopting to high operating costs

In an era of escalating fuel prices and rising spare parts costs, Super Metro, a matatu Sacco in Nairobi, is leading the way with innovative strategies to mitigate the impact on its operations and passengers.

The company’s proactive measures are not only ensuring its continued service but also setting a remarkable example for the transportation industry as a whole.

The recent surge in fuel prices globally has had far-reaching consequences for many industries, and the transportation sector is no exception.

Speaking to Nairobi News, the Sacco’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nelson Mwangi noted that although other matatu Saccos increasd their fares by 30 upto percent, Super Metro only increased their bus fares by 10 per cent.

“We know that things are tough. However, we are still working towards ensuring that our customers get the best services. When the new fuel prices surged, we only increased our bus fares by 10 percent. This move was to ease things for our customers,” Mr Mwangi noted.

Below are ways the Sacco has put in place to deal with the high cost of fuel and spare parts:

Sacco has invested in fuel-efficient technology, such as modern, eco-friendly vehicles that consume less fuel per passenger, thereby reducing the overall fuel expenses.

Additionally, Super Metro has embraced a systematic maintenance schedule for its vehicles to ensure they are in optimal condition.

Regular maintenance helps extend the lifespan of the vehicles and reduces the need for expensive spare parts replacements.

Super Metro is also exploring alternative fuel sources, such as electric vehicles, to reduce its reliance on conventional gasoline and diesel.

These alternative fuel options are not only cost-effective but also more environmentally friendly, contributing to the company’s sustainability goals.

To further optimize fuel consumption, Super Metro has implemented intelligent route planning and scheduling systems. These systems allow for the efficient use of resources, minimizing unnecessary travel and reducing fuel consumption.

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