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How suspected mugger robbed and attempted to sell mobile phone to the owner

A suspect who was arrested while trying to sell a mobile phone to its owner hours after violently robbing him of the phone is facing charges of robbery with violence.

Titus Mampili has been charged with violently robbing Lukas Kinyanja of his mobile phone worth Sh8,000 and Sh10,000 in cash Kawangware 56 area in Nairobi on May 9.

He is accused of committing the offence jointly with others who are yet to be arrested. Kinyanja was walking from his house to a bank to deposit the cash at around 3pm when he was accosted by a man from behind who grabbed him by the neck.

Two other men joined his aggressor in assaulting him and made away with his cash and mobile phone.

After the incident, Kinyanja went back to his house and returned to the scene a few hours later with his cousin where they met Mampili who he could still identify by the hair style.

They pretended that they wanted to buy a mobile phone and he offered to sell them one. At that point Mampili is reported to have produced the stolen phone and Kinyanja ascertained it was his phone.

While they were arguing, police officers on patrol happened upon the scene and arrested the suspected.

The accused denied the charges before Senior Principal Magistrate Derrick Kutto at the Kibera Law Courts.

He was released on a bond of Sh600,000 without option of cash bail. The case will be mentioned on May 24 for a pre-trial and fixing of hearing dates.